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New Zealand campervan 6 seater model


Make Toyota, Nissan Reliability, Reputation.
Model Hiace, Caravan Bigger in size.
Engine 2l Petrol or
2.4 - 3.2l Diesel
Low fuel consumption whilst still strong enough to climb the hilly New Zealand landscape.
Transmission Manual or automatic  
Info Map   New Zealand campground guide, New Zealand route planner, important phone numbers.
Seats 6 3 seats in the front + rear foldable bench to sit 3 more
Sleeps Up to 3 Due to using an innerspring mattress instead of a foam mattress. If preferred a single, foldable mattress can be hired to sleep the 3rd person separately.
Fuel consumption Diesel 8 - 9.5l
Petrol 9 - 10l
Pending on driving style, overland/town driving, transmission.
Length 4.70 m Long wheel base
Width 1.75 m  
Bed 2 m x 1.55 m Due to wooden slat bed construction and innerspring mattress also fine for tall people.
Mattress Innerspringhire campervan nz Excellent night sleep.best transport new zealand, nz transport
Bedding   Linen, pillows, pillow cases, blanket and blanket cover.
Coolbox   Electric 12 Volt 26l volume
Cooker Butane gas Portable, electric ignition. No lighter needed.
Kitchen equipment   8 plates, 8 bowls, 4 cups, 2 pots (stainless steel high quality), frying pan, can opener & cutlery
Curtains Black To all sides. In addition most of our campervans have black tinted windows.
Flooring Wood, Rubber Polished wooden floor in front of the bed. Black rubber mat underneath the bed.
Storage   Surfboard, snowboard, ski, bike can be stored inside the camper underneath the bed security locked.
Sound   Radio and/or CD player and/or USB/MP3 player
Doors 4 - 5 Single or double sliding doors.
Ac No Only some of our campervans have a working air conditioning system.
Graffiti No No sexist or racist slogans