Full cover campervan rental insurance New Zealand

Full cover comprehensive New Zealand campervan rental insurance is already included in the New Zealand campervan rental rates.


Campervan rental insurance excess New Zealand

The insurance excess, in some countries called the insurance deductible, depends in New Zealand on the age of the camper van rental driver. Excess on insurance
Age Insurance excess
25 + NZ$ 1,050.--
21 - 24 NZ$ 1,600.--
18 - 20 NZ$ 2,100.--
For drivers that do not hold a full driver licence for at least 12 months preceding the day of loss/damage the insurance excess age category of 18-20 years does apply.


Campervan rental insurance excess reduction New Zealand

Until the start of your campervan hire period it is possible to reduce the insurance excess as follows
Age Insurance excess Reduction to NZ$ 500.-- Reduction to NZ$ 150.--
25 + NZ$ 1,050.-- NZ$ 10.--/day (max. NZ$ 250.--) NZ$ 20.--/day (max. NZ$ 400.--)
21 - 24 NZ$ 1,600.-- NZ$ 15.--/day (max. NZ$ 550.--) NZ$ 25.--/day (max. NZ$ 600.--)
18 - 20 NZ$ 2,100.-- NZ$ 20.--/day (max. NZ$ 1,000.--) Not applicable
Please note that insurance excess reduction for your New Zealand campervan rental is NOT compulsory but available until the start of your Nz campervan hire period if you prefer to take out insurance excess reduction.


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