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Travel New Zealand

One of the most beautiful places on earth. New Zealand is different and so should be your means of transport. Travel and see New Zealand through the windows of one of the most loved Nz campervans.

New Zealand general information

new zealand holday campervan, camping new zealandWhen it comes to the sheer concentration of breathtaking scenery, cultural attractions, wildlife, big mountain ranges, long white clean beaches, sunny skies and wide-open spaces there is simply no other place on earth like New Zealand.
New Zealand stretches 1600 km from north to south. The North Island (115,000 sq km) and the South Island (151,000 sq km) are the two major landmasses. Stewart Island, with an area of 1700 sq km lies directly south of the South Island and is a great place to discover the real Kiwi. New Zealand's land area is greater than that of the UK (244,800 sq km) but smaller than that of Japan (377,800 sq km).
The number of permanent inhabitants of New Zealand is approximately 4.4 Million with 1.5 Million already living in Auckland - the largest city of New Zealand. Not to mix up with the capital of New Zealand, Wellington.
Roughly 75% of the population of New Zealand is living in the 5 major cities so you can imagine that the rest of New Zealand is not very highly populated, making New Zealand perfect for outdoor and camping experiences.
New Zealand is extremely well set up for camping with lots of public toilets and camping facilities, as the New Zealanders are a camper nation themselves.


The Kiwis (People of New Zealand) have a saying "If you do not like the weather wait 10 minutes".
It is not that extreme, but whatever the season, New Zealand's weather is known to change frequently. So if you are wondering what to pack, a good idea is to dress in layers.

Temp Location Spring
Sep, Oct, Nov
Dec, Jan, Feb
March, April, May
June, July, Aug
Temp C Bay of Islands 19/9 25/14 21/11 16/7
Temp F   67/48 76/56 70/52 61/45
Temp C Auckland 18/11 24/12 20/13 15/9
Temp F   65/52 75/5468/55 59/48
Temp C Rotorua 17/7 24/12 18/9 13/4
Temp F   63/4575/54 65/48 55/39
Temp C Christchurch 17/7 22/12 18/8 12/3
Temp F   63/45 72/54 65/46 54/37
Temp C Queenstown 16/5 22/10 16/6 10/1
Temp F   61/41 72/50 61/43 50/34

Maori culture

Maoris are the indigenous people of Aotearoa (Name of New Zealand) and first arrived here in waka hourua (voyaging canoes) from their ancestral homeland over 1000 years ago.
travel new zealand by campervan, travel new zealand by camperToday, Maori make up over 14 percent of the population. Their language and culture has a major impact on all facets of New Zealand life.
Maori culture is a rich and varied one, including traditional and contemporary arts. Traditional arts such as carving, weaving, kapa haka (group performance), whaikorero (oratory) and moko (tattoo) are practiced throughout the country. Being tattooed in the face is a sign of wealth for Maoris so do not be scared.
The visitor to New Zealand will become immediately aware of the Maori language as the vast majority of place names are of Maori origin. While traveling New Zealand Campervans New Zealand does highly recommend to take part in Maori culture and to check out motor home rental new zealand, new zealand motor home rentals, auckland motorhome rental, motorhome rental auckland Maori history

Treaty of Waitangi

The Treaty of Waitangi is New Zealand's founding document. An agreement between the British Government and Maoris that is today the centerpiece of the country's race relations. motorhome travel new zealand, new zealand motorhome travel, nz motorhome hireAt the time of signing, most, if not all, of the 50 Maori chiefs who put their names to the treaty would not have understood the implications of what they were doing. In return for giving Queen Victoria the right to buy land, Maoris were granted all the rights and privileges of British subjects. A clause also gave them "full exclusive and undisturbed possession of their Lands and Estates Forests Fisheries and other properties".
But misunderstanding arose because there were two different versions (Maori and English) which carried different meanings. Controversy over the Treaty continues to this day.

Environmental hazards

With no dangerous animals including any species of snakes, and few contagious diseases, New Zealand poses a low risk to visitors.
New Zealand's changeable climate is probably the greatest threat, especially to people who endure into the wilderness unprepared. Hypothermia can set in quickly and be fatal, and it is vital to take warm clothing, food and drink even when going for a day's walk in the bush or mountains. Many tramps involve river crossings, and water levels can rise extremely rapidly after heavy rain.
New Zealand's clean air, coupled with a thinner ozone cover, means that sunburn can occur quickly. Skin burning time is estimated at 10 minutes in summer. A good hat and sun block with a rating of at least SPF +20 are essential.
Lifeguards patrol beaches - red and yellow flags indicate areas where it is safe to swim. However, the New Zealand coastline is extensive, and in areas where there are no lifeguards, there may be dangerous rips.

Medical insurance

New Zealand is largely a clean, healthy, disease-free country with only a few health concerns. Medical attention is of a high quality. The telephone numbers of general practitioners and hospitals in each area are listed near the front of each regional telephone book.
Under New Zealand's accident compensation scheme (subject to government changes), visitors are covered for personal injury by accident, entitling them to coverage for medical and hospital expenses within New Zealand. However, non-accident treatment is not free. Even though medical attention is reasonably priced, visitors are advised to make arrangements for adequate medical and dental cover before leaving home. A doctor's prescription is necessary to obtain most forms of medication in New Zealand.
There are no vaccination requirements to enter New Zealand at present.
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