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By Kevin & Christina Anderson, Belgium

Dear Campervan New Zealand Ltd. team, especially Michaela! We cannot thank you enough for making our New Zealand honeymoon an experience we will never forget. We had a great time in New Zealand with our New Zealand campervan Rosie and really appreciate all the help you have given us. Was great to meet some of your other customers and sharing experiences with them too. Was easy to start a conversation as the first question always seemed to be "What is the name of your campervan?" Thanks again for the freebies of the other campervan. Really great of you. We wish you well and if we ever have the money and time to come to New Zealand again we hope Rosie will be there waiting for us. All the best!

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By Vincent Hart, Netherlands

I want to thank you both for the great service. I had a wonderful time in New Zealand and a great trip with your campervan Winnie

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By Otto & Annelies Oostveen, Netherlands

Hello to New Zealand! We had a really great time with our campervan Charly. The bed in the campervan we´re using now in Australia can´t compete with the wonderful fixed bed you have in your New Zealand campervans. We think that you should mention on your web site that the campsites in New Zealand have perfect kitchens, so you don´t need one in your New Zealand campervan. We hope to meet again. Greetings

By Kate, Sean, Alex & Jimi Palmers, UK, New Zealand

motorhome rental new zealand
Our family was immigrating to Auckland. But with a child aged 9 and another one on the way, we wanted a holiday before settling into "real life" in New Zealand. The plan was to travel around the Northern and Central part of the North Island for a month (we had to stay near the midwife!) We chose Campervan New Zealand Ltd. not only because it was such good value for money, but also because we received excellent service before we even set foot on Kiwi soil. All our questions about our New Zealand campervan were answered honestly and accurately, as well as some really useful information about traveling and life in New Zealand. We were impressed with the personal way in which Michaela spent time with us at each step of the process. Even at 35 weeks pregnant our campervan provided a comfy sleep! Because you get a proper bed to sleep on, it´s spacious as well as cosy. The standard of the vehicle was immaculate and proved to be economical, as well as reliable. Roadside assistance cover gave us peace of mind, although it was not needed. We felt we made the right choice in choosing our campervan as campsites in New Zealand provide everything a traveler needs. It seems pointless now to pay over the odds for a campervan jam packed with a load of stuff that you don´t actually need. We will definitely book through Campervan New Zealand Ltd. again. We´ve still got the South Island to crack!

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By Boyd Thomas & Liona Shareing, Hawaii

My partner and I visited New Zealand for the first time in October, staying a little over two months. We traveled the country in a campervan rented from Campervan New Zealand Ltd. and were extremely pleased with the service as well as the rental rate. Other New Zealand rental companies we looked at had larger, fancier vehicles, but the prices were extremely high and the gas mileage very poor. The folks at Campervan New Zealand rentals fixed us up with exactly what we wanted for ease and economy of travel at a great price. New Zealand is the most beautiful country we´ve ever visited outside of Hawaii, where we live, and it´s the perfect place for a great camping experience. New Zealand´s campgrounds are the cleanest we´ve ever seen and the Kiwis are definitely the nicest people in the world!

By Abby Dobbs & Paul Montes, United States

We miss Sandy our campervan. Our time with her was that of a summer camp romance that leaves you crying in those fleeting loving arms until the last possible moment when the bond must be broken forever.

By Mike & Marilyn, UK

Dear Michaela, Just a quickie to say that the camper is great and we are having a wonderful tour. Thanks for your camper hire.

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By Paul, Sally & Lucie Glass, UK

Hello Michaela! Just wanted to say thank you for the great time and service we experienced while we were in New Zealand. Hope to do it again sometime.

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By Douglas & Christina Meller, Hawaii

We had a wonderful time and are still "talking story" about our New Zealand trip. We stopped at so many fruit stands that we could have used a sign saying "We brake for cherries!". People in Hawaii were amazed when we told them that public boat launching ramps and private farm stands relied on the "honor system" for collection of payment and that we did not see any trash or homeless people anywhere. We repeatedly ran into European tourists who had happily spent 2-3 months camping through New Zealand. Keep up the excellent work!

By Scott & Julia Weiler, Scotland

We just wanted to thank you again for a great vacation. Vivian worked great and we had a really fun time.

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By Sonia & Margaret Cappellano, Australia

Hello! My mum and i had a wonderful time with your campervan Mary. New Zealand is a beautiful country and driving is the best way to discover it. Thank you so much. We will visit again for the South Island!

By Ruth Coffin, United States

Hello to New Zealand, Thank you for helping to make our visit to New Zealand as wonderful as we had hoped.

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By Charles Hathcock, United States

Thanks for the opportunity to give you some feedback. I think you have an excellent operation and I wish you luck in the future. I will definitely recommend you.


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